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Basic & Design

Ideal for families and couples featuring cozy, relaxing interiors so our guests can have a pleasant and reinvigorating stay.

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Basic economy rooms; the ideal choice for beach holidays or business trips to Terracina.

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Ideal for families and couples featuring cozy, relaxing interiors so our guests can have a pleasant and reinvigorating stay.

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Escursione in ebike Terracina

I prodotti del nostro territorio Hotel Casa Yvorio Terracina

For a holiday or even just a nice evening out, Casa Yvorio knows how to ignite genuine thrills for you to experience and savour, guiding you on your discovery of a cuisine that takes you on an elegant and creative journey through the traditional flavours of the Mediterranean, via the mountains and the sea.

At Casa Yvorio, you can taste the fruits of our painstaking, tireless research for the best products and freshest ingredients to pamper and delight our guests’ palates. Enjoy our restaurant’s blaze of colours and flavours, paired with a selection of fine wines curated passionately by Marco.
The staff at Casa Yvorio embodies great professional expertise, courtesy, and helpfulness, readily apparent in the way they perform their tasks.

The attention to detail, the highly personal rapport, and the timeliness with which guests’ needs are met are the first things our clients notice and deeply appreciate.

Our guests even show their appreciation online, writing glowing testimonials on various hospitality portals: Tripadvisor,, etc.
Hotel Casa Yvorio is 70 metres away from Terracina’s boardwalk which is lined by affiliated beach lidos. Our property is also close to shops and commercial centres.

We are near the legendary and enchanting Mount Circeo, directly across the sea from Ponza and the Pontine Islands, which may be reached from Terracina’s port by high-speed ferry (55’). The city of Terracina – equidistant between Rome, Naples, and the province of Frosinone – makes an excellent base for day trips to nearby cities and the stunningly beautiful places in our region.
Hotel Casa Yvorio has launched a mission to improve its eco-friendliness every day. This is a project that is near and dear to our hearts and translates itself into respecting our environment.

Today, 30% of our electricity and sanitary hot water needs are met through the use of solar panels installed on our rooftop. But we strive to be eco-conscious even through our choice of suppliers, preferring logical sustainability when it comes to production, transport and the seasonality and freshness of the products we use; always sensitive to our clients' needs.
Hotel Casa Yvorio believes that one’s economic success should also benefit the economic, cultural, and social advancement of their native land.

That’s why we are a member of various associations and networks (The Tourism Consortium of Terracina “Terracina d’amare”, The Hoteliers’ Association of Terracina, The Restauranteurs’ Association of Terracina, “Terracina a Tavola”) and have supported local cultural and social initiatives for many years.
We’re always looking for ways to delight our clients. We bend over backwards to meet their every need because we always want them to find pleasant surprises in our service and our offers.

Our mission in welcoming you to our hotel is to rise above the “ordinary” each and every day, striving to offer our guests a "surprisingly homey" environment that never stops evolving or providing its guests with new experiences!

Come visit us at Hotel Casa Yvorio. Let us surprise you.

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