Here are our detailed eco-sustainability plans which will renew Hotel Casa Yvorio’s commitment to eco-sustainability every day.

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A firm commitment at the heart of all our decisions

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Our hotel is serious about saving our planet and we are friendly to the nature that surrounds us!

In 2007, Hotel Casa Yvorio embarked on a journey to make its facilities and operations more sustainable, respectful and ethical with each passing day.

Our green mission took flight with Marco Tammetta, heir to the family professionalism and passion for the hotel sector; especially moved by environmental issues, respectful of the nature and terrain around him.

Throughout the years, we’ve made numerous improvements to our hotel and there have been many operations launched to create ever-more environmentally-friendly facilities: from using alternative sources to hiring responsible providers, to using local products and ingredients to installing photovoltaic panels to produce electricity. Our most recent undertaking is our collaboration with Treedom, our new eco-friendly partner who is giving us the chance to plant trees all over the world and thus build Casa Yvorio Forest.

In particular, updates have been made to the hydraulic systems to avoid wasting water, the heating system has been replaced with the most ecological heat pumps, and the air conditioning units have been equipped with inverter and energy-saving systems.

All of the fixtures have been replaced respecting geographic norms on saving energy following specific guidelines on inner tubes and double glass. Electric folding shutters have been installed which also trap in heat.

12 KW of photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof to produce electric energy, and as a consequence, we are able to cut total energy requirements by about 30%.


What do we do every day?


We favour and choose local, Km 0 food products when we can.

We care to meet the needs of guests with coeliac disease and other food allergies.

Per Strada

We offer our guests the use of bicycles.

We convey our environmental policy with cards and stickers in the rooms and in the common areas of our website.

In the reception area we display activity brochures and we are glad to give you information to help you plan your activities and free time.

We actively participate in the activities of the Consorzio Turistico Terracina d’amare.

Risparmio Energetico

We check periodically for any wastes of resources and water.

We have installed flow reducers in taps and showers to save water.

All the lighting in the rooms and common areas is energy-efficient.

Each room is equipped with a "customer presence" device, which optimises the air conditioning consumption.

We use electricity suppliers that guarantee 30% of energy from renewable sources.

Addolcitore Acqua

Thanks to the softener system which reduces water hardness we have obtained the following benefits:

  • cleaning detergents have a better performance;
  • electrical appliances are more efficient;
  • increased quality of water used for food resulting in less fatigue for the kidneys and prevention of kidney stones;
  • a better quality of shower water, which helps to keep the skin and hair brighter.
Raccolta Differenziata

We do the differentiated collection of wet waste, paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminium.

Altre Azioni Wi Fi

We offer free Wi-Fi for our guests to reduce the use of paper.

We have chosen to be a 100% non-smoking hotel.


You can travel more responsibly, too – choose a hotel that cares about the environment!

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