The Flavors of Terracina: from Terracina's Muscatel wine to buffalo mozzarella

Each day, the restaurant at Hotel Casa Yvorio offers dishes featuring the traditional flavors of Terracina, from the famous yellow Muscatel wine – cultivated in The Soriano Fields – to buffalo mozzarella.

At Hotel Casa Yvorio, we use Terracina's traditional foods and all of the area's rich historical and cultural influences. It is a culinary tradition which combines the fruits of the sea and the farm products from the hilly hinterland. Halfway between Rome and Naples, Terracina is a blend of aromas and traditions that create a unique culinary symphony. Its delicious artichokes and strawberries are renowned throughout Italy, as well as its mozzarella made from buffalo milk. Not to mention Terracina's crown jewel: its fresh seafood, sold every day at the city's markets. Wines produced in the region include Casanese and Aleatico, as well as Terracina's famous Muscatel (IGT).